Thank you to all who supported, prayed and voted for me!

Let's make them keep their promises!

How will I help you as Insurance Commissioner?

Tracy Jordan Candidate for Georgia Insurance Commissioner

End "File and Use"

As your Insurance Commissioner, I would petition the legislature to repeal the legislation from 2008 which has allowed for the escalation of automobile insurance premiums.  The legislation was touted as deregulation assistance to Georgians. However, since 2008, there have been dramatic increases in premiums without the approval/oversight of the Insurance Commissioner. Georgia led the nation in automobile premium rate increases in 2016 and currently ranks #1 or #2 in premium increases nationwide.  I plan to help the family budget by addressing this issue. 

Reimbursement Reform

Healthcare providers are at the mercy of delayed reimbursement for procedures, services, and products supplied to patients.  Delayed payments, ridiculous prior authorization practices, and unfair reimbursements have caused many independent pharmacies and private practice physicians to close or merge their practices.  We must resolve to change the practices by which providers are not adequately reimbursed for services!  The importance of private practice physicians and independent pharmacies must not be undervalued.  As a Pharmacist for 27+ years, I am aware of necessary changes to health insurance and equipped to work to make those changes! Who better suited than a healthcare professional to work with the government to implement those changes other than myself?

Consumer Protection

Georgians must have a voice and be recognized when problems and issues arise with insurance claims.  As the consumers in Georgia, the people must have their problems acknowledged while being treated with courtesy and respect.  It is not acceptable to simply pass off a problem as resolved without investigating the details thoroughly.  customer service needs to be addressed at the state level so that complainants can actually reach a person and feel they have resolution. It is my intention to continue to be an advocate for the people of Georgia!


I am a unique candidate that has 27+ years experience as a Pharmacist.  I understand the problems experienced by both patients and Agents/Brokers from my decades of being a business owner. Since I have many Agents/Brokers who support my candidacy, I know that I am well-armed and prepared to fight for the people of Georgia to give good solutions to the problems.  

Agents and Brokers should not be expected to make little to no money when assisting clients with health insurance premiums.  We should stop the practices of one-sided contracts. It is my goal to make for a level playing field in order for Agents and Brokers to not have their hands tied when working to serve their clients' needs!